Corporate Events

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Why Ultimate Indoor Paintballing Liverpool?

1) Location

Ultimate Indoor Paintballing Liverpool is located in Liverpool city centre!

2) Availability

We are open for corporate bookings 7 days a week from 08:00am to 11:00pm.


We have changing rooms so you can come straight from the office. We have a private car park on site.

We are Indoors

Ultimate Indoor Paintball is a indoor site so you will not have to crawl around in the mud; we are not affected by the British weather. We are also the cheapest Paintball arena in the UK.


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Why Paintball?

Everybody knows that paintball is a fun exiting activity and a great way to treat clients and staff. After all what could be better than taking part in a day of team building exercises, releasing that office tension and not to mention...shooting your boss?

Companies look to do a corporate paintball event in order to reward or motivate their staff and/or client expect no less than a professional and cost effective service. Without necessarily being aware of it work colleagues build better relationships by working together as teams away from the normal work environment. Paintball is a fun yet competitive way of developing communication skills, leadership and time / resource management abilities, our indoor paintball games are specifically tailored to promote these kinds of skills.

Paintball has lasted the test of time as a proven form of team building. Unlike a typical outdoor teambuilding day, for instance using command tasks, paintball doesn't alienate certain individuals who feel that they are expected to perform in front of others. With paintball, everyone gets involved, everyone contributes to the day - everyone gets something out of the day. Staff and customers are the most important assets to any business. Providing a real action-packed, adrenalin pumping, entertaining day where everyone is involved, will surely increase loyalty, commitment, morale, and profits!

Paintball is popular with corporate event managers because it gives real value for money and now thanks to Ultimate Indoor Paintballing Liverpool is easily accessible with no trip into the county side. You get three hours entertainment for the price of thirty minutes in a go-kart. Your corporate event will promote skills in these key areas: