Our Games

Capture The Flag

The Worlds Most famous paintball game with a twist. At Ultimate Paintball we use two flags (one for each team to retrieve). Aim of the game is to capture your enemies flag without being shot. The Winner is decided by whoever captures the most flags in the time limit.

Unlike alot of other paintball sites we play let players re-spawn game. (one Minute time out if shot before Respawn)

Vivamus malesuada dapibus...

Team Death Match

No Time outs in this game.. When you get shot you have to run back to your base, which is marked down by the Marshalls.

Aim of the game is to make your opponent team go back to there base more times than yours.. Simple


Latin Characters ÁÉÍÓÚá�...

Free 4 All

Aim of this game...
Everyone is your enemy...
Shoot at sight!

Two options with Free For All:

Respawn: When shot you have a 30 seconds time out

Last Man Standing - Elimination: When your shot that's it your out