Ultimate Indoor Paintball

Need something to do for your Birthday?

Ultimate Indoor Paintball has the answer!!!!

We host kids paintballing days for 8 - 16-year-olds – these make excellent birthday paintball parties, family trips and school outings. Groups of any size are very welcome; safety is our first priority, and all children are carefully supervised throughout the day. Ultimate Indoor Paintball has an outstanding safety record and an enviable reputation for organising great kids paintball days out.

For extra safety, we lower the pressure of the guns, so they fire at a lower speed.

Game consent forms are completed by every player on arrival and parental consent forms must also be completed by players younger than 16. Ultimate Indoor Paintball staff will be on hand to help the children, but parents and/or teachers may find it saves time to download the game consent forms from this website and pre-complete them.

Once all the paperwork is completed it's time for the kids to try-on all the gear and makes sure that everything fits them perfectly. Again, Ultimate Indoor Paintball staff will be on hand to help, so it is not necessary for parents to remain with the children (the exception here would be under 14's who might like a parent to stay on-site for a time).

The Head Marshal will gather everyone to the briefing area when it's time for the safety presentation. It may be that your child feels at this point a little anxious - and that's not a bad thing. We require all children to pay very close attention the safety speech; it is at this time that the Head marshal will clearly explain the safety regulations, the rules of the game, and how to safely use the equipment. The Head marshal delivers the speech, whilst other Marshals patrol the outer edge of the audience ensuring that everyone is paying attention.

When it's time for the players to leave the lobby for their first game, the head marshal will summon them by the team. Immediately before leaving the lobby a marshal will 'touch-check' the goggles of every player to ensure their goggles are properly fitted and that the chin strap is securely fastened. With the chin strap fastened, it is unlikely the goggles will become accidentally dislodged, it also prevents the goggles being deliberately removed (contrary to all instructions) in the 'heat of the moment'.

We provide all children with very thick layered body amour and hand armour at no extra cost. We have Risk Assessments at hand if any parent or school would like a copy.

Call us now to book your party and we will create a package that's individual for your requirements.

Upon arrival, a parent or guardian will be asked to complete and sign the following disclaimer. You can download the form here.

Ultimate Indoor Paintball

Party Prices

Party Package

  • Includes 500 paintballs each.
  • Birthday Soldier goes free.
  • 3 hour session.
  • Dominos Pizza Meal.
  • Playstation Party Room
  • Viewing room for Family & Friends.
  • *Min group sizez of 8 players.
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Extra Ammo

  • Per 100 paintballs.