Team Death Match

Ultimate Indoor Paintball

Team Deathmatch

No time-outs in this game. When you get shot you have to run back to your base which is marked & highlighted by the Marshalls.

Aim of the game is to make your opponent team go back to there base more times than yours, simple.


  • Includes 200 paintballs each.
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Master Blaster

  • Includes 400 paintballs each.
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  • Includes 700 paintballs each.
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Extra Ammo

  • 100 paintballs

How BIG is your army

14or more
  • All groups of 14 or more people receive a extra 100 balls FREE on top of your chosen package.

Terms & Conditions

  • All offers are subjecto to a Minimum of 8 people.
  • Deposit is required.