Capture the Flag

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Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is one of the world’s most famous and recognisable paintball games - with a twist at our location! At Ultimate Paintball Liverpool, we set up two flags and each team has one they must retrieve. The aim of the game is to capture your enemies’ flag without being shot, which is a very tough but fun feat! The winner is decided by whoever captures the most flags in the time limit. The twist here is that unlike a lot of other paintball sites, we let players re-spawn. You sit out for one minute when shot but then you can re-enter the game. This way of playing makes sure you don’t miss out on the paintballing experience, and you get maximum playtime. This also ensures you get your money’s worth! So, when wanting to play capture the flag, come to the best paintball location in Liverpool.

We are the only indoor paintball arena in Merseyside, so we can offer all the advantages of a large outdoor playing area but in a safe, warm, dry environment. Ultimate Indoor Paintball is situated in the heart of Liverpool city centre and is easily accessible by bus, train or car. We’re simply a five-minute walk from the city centre or you can hop on the train and get off at Moorfields train station, which is a two-minute walk away. We are open 7 days a week from 8am until 12am so we are open pretty much every waking hour – perfect for a late-night adventure!

We also offer tailor made packages and try our best to consider your requirements. We offer packages for children, adults, corporate events, workday outs, team bonding days, Stag & Hen parties to name a few! We are the cheapest venue for indoor paintballing in Liverpool so why not come in and give it a go? We are sure you will turn into a regular! Ultimate Paintballing Liverpool welcomes you and all your loved ones to come, and play capture the flag. Take a look at our price list below. See you soon!


  • Includes 200 paintballs each.
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Master Blaster

  • Includes 400 paintballs each.
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  • Includes 700 paintballs each.
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Extra Ammo

  • 100 paintballs

How BIG is your army

14or more
  • All groups of 14 or more people receive a extra 100 balls FREE on top of your chosen package.

Terms & Conditions

  • All offers are subjecto to a Minimum of 8 people - (Temporary).
  • Deposit is required.