Capture the Flag

Ultimate Indoor Paintball

Capture the Flag

The Worlds Most famous paintball game with a twist. At Ultimate Paintball we use two flags (one for each team to retrieve). Aim of the game is to capture your enemies flag without being shot. The winner is decided by whoever captures the most flags in the time limit.

Unlike a lot of other paintball sites we let players re-spawn. One Minute time out if shot before Respawn.


  • Includes 200 paintballs each.
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Master Blaster

  • Includes 400 paintballs each.
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  • Includes 700 paintballs each.
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Extra Ammo

  • 100 paintballs

How BIG is your army

14or more
  • All groups of 14 or more people receive a extra 100 balls FREE on top of your chosen package.

Terms & Conditions

  • All offers are subjecto to a Minimum of 8 people - (Temporary).
  • Deposit is required.